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All is Well: Divine Nine Music for Sacred Space

by Gary Malkin

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In an exploration of music for heart-centered mindfulness and empathic engagement, these spacious improvisations are played on a specially prepared piano utilizing the groundbreaking tuning system called Divine 9 Tuning, designed to elicit experiences of the sacred stillpoint, aligned with Sacred Geometry and referred to in ancient texts as the “Music of the Spheres”. Enveloped by the astonishingly powerful “Om of the Goddess” (CD available on iTunes or by contacting, this music is designed to infuse our working and living spaces with high-vibrational nectar, music to awaken, deepen, and ground.

In this CD/download, the Divine 9 tuned musical vibration supports the deep resonance of "Om of the Goddess", a track created over a 2-year process by meditation facilitators Jody and Steve StClair to assist people in the process of discovering the divinity & perfection at the center of their being (Om of the Goddess CD available on iTunes or by contacting: Multiple Emmy award-winning composer and pianist Gary Malkin accompanies "Om of the Goddess" on a Divine 9 tuned piano with an improvisation from the heart that will likely surprise, delight and unfold your inner knowing.
What if using music with this vibration can help you become more and more aware of the center of your being, which core is neutral, to see all parts of you with increased clarity?
What if you too experience what many other people have reported after listening to this music… a feeling of great connection with themselves, everyone, and everything? Of acceptance of what you are right now, and of choice in your Tao, or your path in life? An opening to see the unfolding unity, balance, order, abundance, and peace in and around you? A greater awakening and discovery to the divine being, or kingdom of heaven, within you.
Please enjoy the discovery of you, and email us with your experience:


released July 8, 2017

Acknowledgments & Special thanks to:
Deep gratitude to all these beautiful friends, allies and visionaries:

• Jody and Steve StClair ("Om of the Goddess" CD available on iTunes or by contacting:

• Gert Kramer, the visionary who discovered and developed the Divine 9 Tuning System.; 

• Jennifer Jacobs, The Mother of the Project, without whom this project would never have been initiated. 

• Timothy Dixon Surya Das, who’s unwavering commitment and dedication to excellence from the beginning made this project what it needed to become.

• Danillo Cosucci, master piano technician from Europe, who upgraded and sensitively tuned the piano to the Divine Nine Tuning System over a 9 day period, thanks to the support of the Amsterdam Divine 9 Team. 

We want to acknowledge the following people from whom their financial support made this recording project possible: Jim and Normie Fosgate, Dr. Joel Evans, Wendy Grace, Sarah Livia Brightwood of the Szekeley Foundation, Rick and Roberta Cummings, Nathan Cummings Family Foundation, Kees Hoogendijk, and Dominique van Kooten.

Special Thanks to Lisa Clapier for being the conduit through which this all was initially introduced; to Steve and Jodie St. Clair for their flexibility and willingness to allow this unique collaboration; to Robert Yaar and Kees Joodendijk for their for his visionary wisdom and support; To Rhythm Earthsong, piano master technician, for gifting his generous extra tunings for the Ojai sessions; Gijs Zijlstra, Gert Kramer’s associate who made it possible to experience the Divine Nine-tuned piano in Amsterdam; Stacey Robyn, who supported my creative process during the original Divine Nine Sessions of November, 2013; Scott Coady for his masterful and generous coaching during my brief Ojai experiment; Mark Nepo, author of The Book of Awakening, which provided spiritual and creative inspiration for each improvisation; to friend and spiritual teacher Miranda Macpherson, who has provided deep anchoring and empowerment during these times of change. And finally, to Dr. Clint Rogers, who has never stopped working on making the Wisdom of the World ship seaworthy for dissemination to all who would benefit from its treasures.


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Gary Malkin Sausalito, California

Gary is an award-winning composer & performer who inspires the world to embrace music as a catalyst for inspiration & healing. He seeks to redefine music as a catalyst for compassion & mindfulness into our daily lives by offering innovative ways to face life with more gratitude & Grace. After 7 Emmys, Gary is dedicated to creating musical solutions for many challenges facing our society today. ... more

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